September 11, 2019

Melbourne, Australia 2019

Melbourne was the winner from the “Where would you like to see DAPCON 2019”.

The 2019 committee (Marco, Richard, Michael, Nicole, Julie, Vicki, Colin, Phil W & Russell) have worked hard to get this on the rails:


There are two days of presentations and one and a half days of training.

  • Conference:  September Wed 11th – Thur 12th
  • Training:      September  Fri   13th – Sat (midday) 14th


Adina Apartment Hotel Melbourne, 189 Queen Street, Melbourne , Australia


DataFlex Developers and Users Group, generously supported by Data Access Worldwide


Two-day conference fee $440.

Conference price includes welcome drinks and conference dinner.

One & half Days Training

  • Attending conference $300
  • Training only $500


Book direct with Adina & specify reference DAPCON to get a discounted rate of $210.00 for a one bedroom apartment or $319 for a two bedroom apartment.

Note that these rates are valid for nights of Tues 10th to Friday 13th and to be booked prior to 8th August 2019.

Limited number of rooms – book direct with Adina now! Mention DAPCON to get the discounted rate.

Extra guest for conference dinner $50/person
All prices are in Australian dollars


Tuesday Evening – Welcome drinks, partners are welcome

Thursday night – Conference dinner


We are please that Data Access once again supported our conference with two staff members in person; Stephen Meeley and John van Houten.

Conference day 1 – Wed 11th September

DataFlex Overview – Stephen Meeley
The new capabilities of DataFlex 2019/19.1 touch every area of the product; from the installation experience to more streamlined application deployment, and everything in between. In this presentation Stephen gives an overview of all the changes you can use to take your Web, Windows and service-based applications to the next level with DataFlex 2019/19.1.

Using Google Cloud Print with Web Apps – Thomas Murphy
Printing from a mobile web application directly to your local/office printers using Google Cloud Print.

Third-party integrations: Chilkat & CJ Charts – Raveen Sundram
A non-technical perspective on why we chose these components and where we are using them in our app.

History Management Update – John van Houten
New in DataFlex 19.1 are deep links and history management support. Basically it’s the long way of saying that the back button works! This comes together with improvements in the navigation system for drill-down applications. John will explain how to migrate your existing applications. John will concentrate on the changes made late in the release cycle.

Introduction GDPR – Richard Hogg
GDPR, what is it and how it may affect you.

SOAP vs RESTful, using the cHttpHandler – Marco Kuipers
In DF 19.1, we have a new way of providing Web Services. The new cHttpHandler provides the framework for a RESTful type API. In this session we discuss the Differences between SOAP and RESTful, and when each one excels.

Show & Tell – Group
This is not a technical session. An open invitation to everyone to show off something you might have been working on. Collectively as a group we have done some amazing things. Individually however we often reinvent the wheel, not even aware that a new and better wheel already exists. Let’s share this collective knowledge, big and small, and help each other to be more productive. 10 – 15 minutes maximum presentation time each.

DataFlex Nextgen Update – Harm Wibier (remote)
The next generation DataFlex is in the making, which will include support for 64-bit and Unicode. What will change, and how will changes affect the work for DataFlex developers? In this presentation Harm Wibier shows what will change in the next generation of DataFlex.

Conference Day 2 – Thursday 12th September

Moving into Nextgen – Stephen Meeley
What kind of changes are going to be needed to get your applications ready for 64-bit and Unicode? Are your applications using the latest techniques and coding standards? What will be your strategy for moving your applications forward? In this presentation Stephen gives the answers you need to future-proof your applications. This is updated from the prior sessions when we focused more using on the warning system in 19.0.

WebApp / PHP interface – Colin Winger
Summary of experiences in building a WebApp to PHP interface to access bank credit card portal. General purpose ability to use POST arguments in addition to GET arguments via php. Initially trialling use of iframes but abandoning these efforts due to issues with IOS.

Building powerful Web Applications – John van Houten
The DataFlex WebApp Framework has matured into a versatile platform. Let’s take a step back and look at how it can be used to build powerful, modern web applications. Get ready for a fast paced session that will discuss the latest controls with the latest theme and show off the simplicity of the web designer.

DataFlex reports Dynamic Selection Criteria – Nicole Wright
A dialog which interrogates the report’s parameter fields, dynamically creates the input forms for user entry. Allows integration of user created reports into your DataFlex program, without having to created dedicated Report views.

Login Credentials / Menu Options – Richard Hogg
With security requirements for data becoming more and more stringent this presentation will show the demo Order Entry system with additional menu level security based on user login.

Copy from disabled forms and other tips – Clive Richmond
Clive will discuss some of the everyday challenges we face as application programmers, and our solutions and tips for overcoming some of these challenges.

DataFlex Reports RDS testdata from SQL – Chris Spencer
Chris will demonstrate and explain a clever way of extracting RDS type data from SQL statements. This is to assist developers (and end-users) when creating and maintaining DataFlex reports.

DataFlex Reports Update – Vincent Oorsprong (remote)
In this presentation Vincent shows all of the changes made in recent versions of DataFlex Reports including the new version 7. The new cross tabs, edit in preview and the use of a specific locale and more are features that developers can easily take advantage of to quickly create customer-satisfying results.

Training day 1 – Friday 13th September

Morning – WebApp Deployment – Stephen Meeley
The completion of a Web application is an exciting milestone, but now come the next set questions: Should I deploy in the cloud? How big a server? Is my application secure? How do I manage the process pool? The list of decisions can seem a bit daunting. In this course we’ll cover all the aspects of Web application deployment “from soup to nuts”, including the deployment of SQL and setting up various SPLF configurations – taking advantage of all the latest capabilities of DataFlex 19!

Afternoon – Talk with Experts / Drive In – John van Houten
John will discuss some of the items that were covered during the Studio “Talk with Experts” session at Synergy, look at some of the changes we’ll be making as a result of those discussions and then use the balance of the afternoon to cover developer questions using the popular “Drive In” format. Stephen will join in on any drive in questions that may fall into his areas.

Training day 2 – Half Day Saturday 14th September
Morning – DataFlex Reports – Techniques to Boost Your Productivity – Marco Kuipers
In this hands-on training we build reports using the Runtime Data Source (RDS) technique, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of RDS vs Direct data access. We will discuss a number of techniques that can be used to be highly productive when migrating existing or building new reports using DataFlex Reports Studio. A number of class extensions will be discussed and used to simplify the report view code. We will also discuss and use a document archive technique and powerful techniques to recreate previous reports.
This training is a hands-on and extended version of the Synergy Presentation that can be seen here.

If time allows I will also demonstrate how ELFs can be created in order to extend the list of Functions available in DataFlex Reports Studio.

We look forward to seeing you in Melbourne.

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